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A GREAT SAGE ONCE SAID, “There needs be an opposition in all things.” And, while that carries an element of truth, opposition isn’t the entire focus. It is that these forces complement each other too. Dark needs Light — Separate seeks Whole — Pain finds Healing — Compassion bestows Love.

All people seek balance in their lives…balance and meaningful expression.
If you’re reading this now, you seek that balance. Massage is a compassionate art. It helps find healing & peace for both the giver as well as the receiver.
Healing Mountain Massage School is a unique institution. Whether you seek a new vocation or balm for your wounded soul, you can find it here — within our walls. Let us assist you on this wondrous healing journey —
regardless of the path you may choose.

RJ Nikola, School Founder


100% Student Satisfaction Rate because:

     • We Honor Each Student as a Valued Member of the Community
     • Small Classes (8-14 Students max) for More 1-on-1 Hands On Time
        with Seasoned Professionals
     • 92% & 81% Retention Rates at SLC & Cedar Campuses Respectively
     • 96% & 81% Exam Pass Rate at SLC & Cedar Campuses Respectively
     • 96% & 73% Placement Rates* at SLC & Cedar Campuses Respectively
     • Form Mentorships with Instructors that Last a Lifetime
     • 90% of Our Students Are Referred by Graduates and Others

Our Curriculum Is In Demand because:

     • Our Courses Are Unique to Our School and Cost No More
     • Best Spa Coursework & Experiential Clinic West of the Mississippi
     • Our Courses Are Highly Marketable to Employers
     • Better Job Potential in the Market Place

*Placement rate follows this calculation: (graduates placed in field or related field divided by graduates minus those unavailable for employment because of deaths, military obligations, health-related issues, continuing education, and/or incarcerations.)