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So You Want to be a Massage Therapist? (.pdf, 144 kb)

Important Questions to Ask When
Looking At Massage Schools
(.pdf, 132 kb)

Some Points to Consider Before
Applying to a Massage School (.pdf, 136 kb)

5 Things I Wish I Would Have Paid
Attention to in Massage School (.pdf, 132 kb)

Managing Massage School and Work (.pdf, 96 kb)

Sure-Fire Massage School Study Strategies (.pdf, 156 kb)

The Importance of a Mentor (.pdf, 104 kb)

The Importance of Your Student Clinic (.pdf, 104 kb)

Career College Controversy (.pdf, 384 kb)

Jobs that Pay $100 an Hour (.pdf, 248 kb)

50 Best Careers of 2011 (.pdf, 144 kb)

Massage Job Summary

Massage Jobs Outlook US Bureau of Labor & Statistics