Job Opportunities Abound

Massage Therapy as a healing art and vocational practice continues to gain more recognition and respect through National Certification, improved state and local legistlation, scientific research, and increased acceptance by related professions. As more people seek to improve their health and, as massage therapists educate their communities about the benefits of massage, the demand for highly qualified practicitioners will continue to grow.

Massage Therapists generally earn $40-$70 an hour in moderate income cities. In large cosmopolitan areas therapists earn closer to $70-$90 an hour and potentially more in resorts. Graduate therapists of our program entering the market place can choose to be self-employed, or find jobs in any of the work environments in the partial list below:

  • acupuncture and acupressure clinics
  • alcohol/drug rehabiliation
  • airports
  • athletic teams
  • chiropractic offices
  • clients' homes
  • corporations
  • cruise ships
  • film/TV production co.
  • healing centers
  • hair salons
  • health and wellness clinics/fitness clubs
  • health expos
  • psychology clinics
  • resorts and retreats
  • retirement and nursing homes
  • ski and recreational areas
  • spas
  • sports medicine and rehabilitation facilities
  • tanning salons
  • trade shows
  • holistic healing centers
  • hospitals
  • home offices
  • medical centers
  • onsite at book stores and health food stores
  • physical therapy clinics

The future looks bright for Massage Therapists. Business opportunities, earning potential, and the stimulating & challenging nature of massage make for a richly rewarding path that continues to expand with greater public awareness.

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Page updated: 07/5/16

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